Congrats to Toby who won the #awaytogether contest! He will be receiving a $500 @SouthwestAir gift card! Toby’s wife, Courtney nominated him and made our hearts melt with her submission: “I think my husband Toby deserves this as much as anyone. We have 3 children, 2 of which have special needs. Our 9-yr-old has down Syndrome & our 10month old has Anthrogryposis. Toby gave up his career to be a stay at home daddy to our children. We have not been able to spend any time together that wasn’t stressful. Our son was born without a swallow & he chokes & stops breathing so we don’t feel comfortable leaving him with anyone. Toby had to give his own son CPR twice. I would love to be able to send my husband on a trip with a friend to give him a much needed break. He won’t let me buy him a ticket because he says he is fine and doesn’t need a break, but he desperately does. Winning this contest would be so wonderful he couldn’t refuse. My husband is the absolute best friend & daddy I could ever imagine. Our children would not be where they are without him. - Courtney F.”

We are loving the virtual tunnel at the newest HomeAway office in Austin! So cool! #office #homeaway #awaytogether #family #beach (at Homeaway Domain)

Let’ stay together…let’s drink wine together…let’s…#hyperlapse #office #culture (at Homeaway Domain)